12/08/2017--Sin or God?

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Sin or God?

Sin or God?

Brother Wade

Recorded Live @ New Life Church Arab, AL

From the very beginning of time, Satan has been tempting God's children to sin. Throughout the Word we see where God has inspired me to call him such names as the Enemy, Evil One, Father of Lies, Lawless One, and ruler of Darkness and Demons. I want you listen to those names that God calls Satan. How could anyone listen to such a being? But I guess when temptation rolled up on us, it would be EASY TO REJECT him if he said “I am the father of lies”! But Satan is a sneaky little rascal, he chooses to hide his identity by transforming himself into an angel of light. And to be honest, this “Angel of Light” could be anything, or ANYONE! Lucifer who was created full of wisdom and perfect in beauty has been destroying and deceiving people ever since God used said “Let there be”!


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